How to Approach the Bible


I believe today we have forgotten how beautiful and holy our bibles are. We are holding the words of God!
1.Knowing that the Bible is God’s words.
It is alive and active and because of that, it is POWERFUL. The more powerful something is, the more it demands our respect. Do we treat our Bibles that way? Where does you Bible sit at home? In a safe place? Under your bed? Collecting dust?
What are some things that completely take your breath away due to it’s beauty or it’s sense of awe?
Do you feel this way when you approach your bible? Do you hope to feel this way?
Everything about God must be approached with deep respect.
2. We open it daily.
Jesus told the woman at the well in John 4:14 “Whoever drinks from the water that I give him will never get thirsty again, in fact the water that I give him will become a well of water springing up in him for eternal life.”
This water would quench her thirst and satisfy her unlike the worldly things. When we don’t drink from this eternal well of living water daily, we will walk parched all day long. We must quench our thirst every morning/day/night, expecting to be filled. Without water we will dry up.
3. We approach the Word of God prayerfully.
We should always invite the Author of this book into bible study each time we read it. We must ask the Helper to guide us and open our eyes for truth and direction, and our daily assignment.
Psalm 119 is packed full of prayers to approach God’s Word with.

Lots of love your way.

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