The 5 W’s

THE 5 W’s

The 5 W’s is one of my favorite methods. I’m currently teaching my daughter through this method. She has been learning on Wednesday nights at our church how to study the Bible also. So, she is familiar with the 5 W’s.

As you are probably also familiar with it. I add a little color to mine..of course. I have an index card I have on my desk that list: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY. Beside each W, I give it an assigned color.

I start by reading the chapter or section I’m currently in. Then I go back and underline with the color pencils all the words that apply to the W’s in their designated color. Again, I’m visual (this is my nice way of saying I have ADHD by the way…so there is that. I need to write a book for just ADHD Christians…called the ADHD Christian..see, I just got off subject…FOCUS!) so when I look back at my scripture reading for the day, I see all my words underlined. Then I can go back to my journal and list what I’ve underlined by WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY. Then I write a conclusion. I then ask, “What does this say about God? His Character? Who He is? This has helped me with knowing who He is and deepening my personal relationship with Him.

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