Okay, today will come off either GENIUS or juvenile, but either one I’ll take. lol

I’m going to share some tips. Some will be for using the bible as your go to resource and others will be to help with reading your bible and understanding it.

Let’s start with:


I love washi tape. If you are not familiar with washi tape, it is tape you can put on paper and pull back off. It is decorative and you can find it at Hobby Lobby, Lifeway, Michaels, Walmart even has some.

Here is how I use washi tape…for REMEMBERING. There are several verses in the bible that tell us to remember His word. Plus, I need to remember His word when I’m going through a trial or even having a bad day. I put a key in front of my bible with washi samples. Each design/color represents a characteristic. As I find verses that relate to these characteristics that are personal for me, I tab the edge of the page and underline the verses related. When I deal with anxiety, instead of worrying my head off, I glance at the edge of my bible and look for the dotted washi tape for anxious verses and my smooth gold tape for His promises. Remembering that God is faithful to do what He says and that I must trust Him. You can even quote the verses in your head throughout the day. The enemy hates this because it makes him flee.


If you know me…I’m animated. When I was little, I remembering writing out comedic skits that I could possibly perform for someone one day. I never did..but I thought they were pretty stinkin’ funny.

ACT IT OUT brings empathy into the picture. Picture this, you are about to read John 5:5-15. About a paralyzed man who had no one to put him in the healing pool of water. Jesus approaches him. You act it out. You are the paralyzed man. Most great actors really get into the role of the character they are portraying. Really taking on how this person feels, their pain, isolation. Put yourself their shoes. Now, you see Jesus and He asks if you want to be healed. You can feel the desperation of the paralyzed man, who for years was lame. Watching others around him using their legs and possibly complaining over the littlest stuff. Now, put yourself in the shoes of the on looker. Say you saw Jesus talking to a lame man or a man with leprosy…back then, you didn’t touch those people. You would be disgusted to be near them. But then you play the part of Jesus, who talk to, listens, touches, heals, the forgotten, ignored. You have compassion for the lost and hurting. Woah…my heart right now is exploding…was this post for me today? Goodness!

We’ve lost empathy in this world today and taken up selfishness. Maybe we need to get back in our bibles and role play.


*Character Studies – studying a character. Finding them through out the bible and studying who they were and what God did through them. You may be surprised to find those who were “big wigs” had sin just like us.

*Topical – What topic do you want to further learn about. I love this when I need to confess a sin and remember what God tells us in the bible about how to respond. (ex. Love, Fruit of the Spirit, Contentment, Repentance)

*By Book – Read an entire book of the bible. Just read it through. This is awesome for context clues. Instead of pulling scripture out of context, read the entire book to see what your favorite scripture is really referring to.

*The entire Bible – I’m doing this now. And I’m taking my time. If it takes me 10 years, so be it. If I try and rush through it, my mind will not process what I’ve read. That’s where all these studying tips and methods have come from. I just finished Numbers…I’m really proud of that. I skipped to Isaiah and I will then go back to Deuteronomy. The laws were heavy, but I will push through.

*Chapter a Day – If you are reading through a book, do it by a chapter a day. Soak it in, read it several times, highlight it, cross reference it. This will feel like a sense of accomplishment finishing each chapter.

I hope any of these tips or tricks helps in your journey through studying God’s word.

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