Why Should I Read the Old Testament?


Why should I read the Old Testament?

For years I coasted along in my relationship with God based solely off reading the New Testament. I’d basically known all of the Old Testament children’s stories well enough to know how sin entered. So, I knew Jesus saved us from that.

It wasn’t until I disciplined myself to read through the Old Testament, that my relationship with God grew drastically. Many of times before, I read Genesis and flipped through Exodus. It was always Leviticus that I would give up. I avoided the hard parts of the Bible. With that being said, I worked out some study methods that helped push me through Leviticus and also with understanding the text. It was then that I realized things I had been saved from. Genesis introduced sin to me, Exodus introduced it to God’s people through the 10 Commandments. But, Leviticus introduced me to the practices that were done in order to be cleansed from sin.

Another reason I love the Old Testament is that it explains a lot in the New Testament. We hear about lepers and unclean things, but the Old Testament clarifies that. We hear of the festivals celebrated in the New Testament, but the Old Testament tells the reason behind the celebrations in detail. In Numbers I learned how grossly my actions are similar to the Israelites in the desert. In Deuteronomy I saw how important it is to constantly remember all that the Lord has done. It only gets better from there. There are many places that scripture points to Christ in the Old Testament as well. I try and mark these so that I can reflect back. I’m still not finished with the Old Testament. I’m going slowly through each book in order to truly try and comprehend. Meditating on what I’ve learned.

When I look at the New Testament and what Jesus has done for us, I truly want to serve Him with my heart, out of love. I see the hardship that He delivered us from. I truly did not get grace until I started reading through the Old Testament.




GENESIS: Chapter A Day Kids Study

genbookrelease-1000adIt’s here!! Genesis Chapter A Day Kids Study workbook! I’m so elated to have this available for kids to dig deeper into the Word of God. This will teach them to highlight scripture in a way that is fun and helps them to retain what they have read. Each day has a page to document what they have learned through the 5 W’s Method and a page for deeper reflection. It is available on Amazon! Buy Here!

S.O.A.P. Method


I learned this from a blogger for Women Living Well, Courtney Joseph. She has wonderful studies. I love them because you actually read through the entire book of the bible rather than just skipping around. My favorite study by her is the Ecclesiastes study. You can find it on Amazon and I suggest you do. She is currently working on another in-depth study which I can’t wait to hear more about.

Courtney does the S.O.A.K method on her site. I changed the K to P for Prayer for my simple mind… 😉

S – Stands for SCRIPTURE. I usually write out the scripture that stands out to me in the chapter. Sometimes it is one sentence, sometimes it is several scriptures. I love this though, because writing is retaining.

O – Stands for OBSERVATION. What you observed through the reading and what does it tell us about God?

A – Stands for APPLICATION. How can we apply what we’ve learned to our daily lives?

P – Stands for PRAYER. Pray and ask for God’s guidance, wisdom, love, and strength to help you live out His word. Thank Him for what you’ve learned through the reading of His word.