What I’m about to say is going to sound like Greek….because it IS!! I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I learned about studying words in the bible, based off the original language it was written in, in my first precept bible study in 2014. This bible study changed the way I looked at the bible. I learned that there were 2 different desires in the bible and several different styles of love. And to be able to find out which one was being used in the text changed the interpretations dramatically.

This study takes a lot of patience and searching. Making sure you are finding the right number and word. I have a concordance, which can be purchased at any Christian bookstore. I’m sure the library has a few too…I would assume. But, if you are a techie, there are a few apps and sites you can go to. One is Blue Letter Bible. You can type in the passage you are searching for and hit enter. It will take you to the chapter you are searching and will list each verse individually. You will then click on the reference (the book and number beside each verse) rather than the verse itself. It will then pull up a box with each word separately pulled apart. When you look to the right of the word you will see either a G with numbers beside it or an H with numbers beside it. You can click the number (this is the Strong’s number) and find it’s meaning here. If you really want to outdo yourself…you can listen to the word in its original language. I suggest this for teachers. Don’t get caught mumbling and sounding like a first grader sounding out big words like I did when I taught Sunday School. haha! I had a very forgiving group. They thought I was funny…at least that is what I have convinced myself to believe.

Some study bibles have a built in concordance in the back. Beside words in the text will be printed a small Strong’s number and you can look it up in the back. I love these types of bibles. I have an NASB study bible with this option. Eliminates having to have the giant Strong’s Concordance, but doesn’t offer as much information as the Strong’s.

Another option is the E-Sword app. It’s $0.99 and well worth it for a quick option on your phone.